Green Business Audit Package Includes:
Business Services
Business owners! Did you know you can attract more customers and save money just by going green? Get your audit and consultation today!
As a business you should consider that going green can attract new customers and great publicity. A green business gives customers the awareness that you care about our environment, efficiency, and as a result your business will develop a green reputation.

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  • Full business inspection
  • Lower utility bills
  • Create a go-green employee program
  • Teach you how to calculate your electric bill
  • Up to a 4 month follow-up
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Develop a green business sustainability plan
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Recycling Tips
  • Reduce toxic chemicals and waste

 * 4 month follow-up includes: Green Business Certification and help advertise your business as a green business 

      *Prices starting at $499 (varies based upon business size and number of employees)